Announcing NFT Bazl: A bridge between digital and physical galleries

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November 11, 2021
November 9, 2021
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Announcing NFT Bazl: A bridge between digital and physical galleries

Unifty is pleased to announce that the next exhibitor to join the Unifty Gallery will be NFT Bazl, one of the most prominent digital to physical galleries! 

NFT Bazl is perceived as the first physical NFT gallery in the world. Its aim is to bridge the gap between traditional art and digital assets using blockchain. Their mission is to introduce potential investors and buyers to this burgeoning asset class by putting together immersive physical global exhibitions. Their dedicated team works tirelessly to democratize and disrupt the antiquated world of alternative investments by showcasing the unique potential of NFTs across multiple use cases. NFT Bazl organized the first physical exhibition in Miami in June 2021. Then, another exhibition was organized in October 2021 during the Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai.

NFT Bazl was brought to life via a joint venture between GDA Capital and Elitium. By utilizing their combined experience in the financial fields, both traditional and alternative, they saw the opportunity to bring the world of NFTs to the masses. Their featured art pieces are accessible to check out and buy on the Elitium NFT Marketplace. This marketplace was designed in a way that allows visitors to navigate the bidding process without the technical knowhow needed to navigate crypto-related platforms. That being the case, it is quite obvious that NFT Bazl are working to provide a route of seamless accessibility to collectors and investors trying to explore the NFT space. 

Circling back to NFT Bazl’s exhibitions in Miami and subsequently Dubai, both of these exhibitions have showcased more than 100 art pieces each, including a few exclusive ones. Among the many unique features of NFT Bazl is it’s diverse community of artists. Not only do artists have various nationalities and backgrounds but they also represent countless styles and mediums which can vary from Street Art to Modern and Contemporary Art. 

Unifty Gallery will soon open its doors to showcase the creations of NFT Bazl artists namely:

  • Yugal: an artist from Dubai putting together elements of fantasy and technology to create a retro-futurist landscape.  
  • Paul Rousso: the artist’s vision and imagination merge together to embrace new conceptual and physical technology the moment they appear on the horizon. His work has been showcased in many galleries across the world. 
  • Warbb: Robbin Snijders is a digital NFT artist based in the Netherlands whose lively digital creations give the viewer a sneak peek into his imagination - a place filled with colour, fantasy and limitless potential. Warbb created artwork for some of the biggest music artists, festivals and brands in the world.
  • Mario Henrique: the Portuguese artist renowned for his large portraits was listed in various private collections across Europe, America and Asia. He is best known for his contemporary, large scale portraiture.
  • Maxim Shishkin: the artist is on a journey of self-development which is portrayed in his art pieces. His art tells a personal story of each phase of his life. 

Fans of NFT Bazl who happen to be $NIF token holders will soon be able to “back” their work by staking into their Exhibition and begin earning $UNT. Further showcasing our commitment to reshaping how artists and their fans earn. 

If you would like to know more about NFT Bazl’s background, artists or upcoming projects and events, make sure to check out their website along with below channels:

-Official Website: 

-Instagram Profile: 

-Twitter Channel: 


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