Announcing The First Ever Unifty Gallery Exhibitor: TAG Comics

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November 11, 2021
November 2, 2021
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Announcing The First Ever Unifty Gallery Exhibitor: TAG Comics

Announcing The First Ever Unify Gallery Exhibitor: TAG Comics

We are excited to announce that TAG Comics, Africa’s most popular comic book company, will be the first ever Unifty Gallery Exhibitor!

Founded in Nigeria in 2018, TAG Comics has to date developed more than 500 characters across their titles. Some of their most loved characters include Dafe, Omax, Edet, and Mr Jeans Principal Sir from Dafe Friends and all of Mishima, and Kpakow, Viper, and Don Efon from the widely popular Kpakow series.

The TAG Comics series traverses a range of genres, from comedy to action, fantasy to romance, horror to sci-fi. Additionally, TAG’s talented artists and storytellers display a vivid understanding of what makes a great comic book and how to capture their fans’ imagination. Dafe Friends and all of Mishima, with plots surrounding day-to-day misadventures at a boarding school, has a simple elegance in the humorous depiction of the very likeable characters.

Kpakow deploys a mixture of vibrant colors and characters constantly in motion, with purple skies splashing across the page indicating all may not be what it first appears.

Legend of Yasuke is an epic historical story set in ancient Japan which illustrates the team’s ability to swing between genres and artistic styles, as well as their storytelling expertise which explains TAG Comics’ enormous success.

The self-funded platform created to help local Nigerian artists has gone on to enjoy a worldwide audience. TAG Comics now has a team of writers and artists from the likes of Egypt, Mexico, South Korea, and the U.S.

The high levels of talent, expertise, and delivery, alongside an internationally diverse appeal, self-funding model, and strong community ethos make TAG Comics a perfect choice for the debut Exhibitors on the Unifty Gallery.

Unifty Gallery combines the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) with NFTs and empowers NFT enthusiasts around the world by unlocking new networking and exposure building opportunities, alongside new ways of generating income and yield.

Via the Gallery both art owners and the fan earn yield from the Exhibitions, which allows artists, creators, and collectors to monetize their work without having to actually sell anything, at the same time, fans get to earn from their passion for art, enabling everyone to be paid to do what they love.

Now with an international branch in Hartford, Connecticut and global prominence in the marketplace, TAG Comics’ place in comic book history is firmly cemented. Unifty is delighted to onboard them into the Unifty.Gallery as the genesis Exhibition.

Check out the TAG Comics Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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