Announcing The Guild: An interdisciplinary crypto-arts organization

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November 11, 2021
November 6, 2021
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Announcing The Guild: An interdisciplinary crypto-arts organization

Unifty is proud to announce that our next exhibitor to join the Unifty Gallery is the crypto-art consortium known as The Guild!

This group of artists, self referred to as the “Global Family”, came together after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in which various artists struggled with personal loses and maintaining an income. The Guild’s history and their achievements in the NFT space provides a feeling of hope and motivation to artists who are suffering during these unprecedented times. 

The Guild believes in absolute transparency, as such, they display their organization's structure on their homepage. They do not have a strict group of active members. Artists are scouted and selected only if they fit the group’s set of ethics and values rather than having a perfect application form. 

Most of The Guild’s artists have been active in the NFT space since its beginning. Therefore, they are genuinely portraying the crypto spirit by working together on a variety of projects while promoting a set of values namely equality, positivity and creativity. Their artwork has already reached and attracted a large and growing global audience since inception.

One of The Guild's first big collaboration projects is the piece 'Cyber Watch', which is based on Rembrandt's painting 'Night Watch' which was last sold for an impressive 88 ETH.“Cyber Watch” is not the only piece that earned a high sale value as well as critical acclaim, “Void Supernationals”, a collection card series created in collaboration with Onessus, has generated such impressive demand, that it warranted a pack sale relaunch. A genuinely rare feat.

The Guild, known to be innovative, are lately working on new projects. They have just recently introduced their FIRST animated NFT named “Alicia in Technoland”. A whopping 39 different artists are joining forces to make this striking interpretation of the well-known novel come to life!

We at Unifty, are proud to open The Gallery’s doors to exhibit a curated selection of art works of prominent members of The Guild. These members are Rutger van der Tas, Mehak Jain, Shinji Akhirah, Ytje, The Perfesser, Airco Caravan and Moxarra Gonzalez. Strap yourselves in and prepare to be amazed by some truly sensational pieces.

Fans of The Guild who happen to be $NIF token holders will soon be able to “back” their work by staking into their Exhibition and begin earning $UNT. Further showcasing our commitment to reshaping how artists and their fans earn. 

If you would like to know more about The Guild’s background or upcoming projects, make sure to check out their website along with below channels: 

- Official Website: 

- Twitter: 

- Instagram:

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