Announcing The Kollector: Passionate lawyer turned NFT collector

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November 11, 2021
November 11, 2021
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Announcing The Kollector: Passionate lawyer turned NFT collector

Another day, another unique exhibition! We are honoured to announce that the next exhibitor to join the Unifty Gallery is none other than the passionate lawyer turned NFT collector, known as The Kollector. 

The Kollector, who’s real name is Michael M., started his NFT adventure back in 2019, originally as a simple enthusiast with the goal of helping artists both morally and materially. That enthusiasm quickly evolved into him building one of the most prominent collections of NFTs in the industry, currently spanning over 3000 NFTs! 

One of the many synergies between us at Unifty and The Kollector is our passion for developing tools and services that empower artists and creators to be able to earn fairly for their works. The same ethos that powered us to develop The Gallery, drove The Kollector to develop the KBASE marketplace. A marketplace that allows artists to upload their art for free all while minimizing the NFT creation costs.

Following that introduction, we are excited to introduce some of The Kollector’s best artwork that will be part of his exhibition during the launch of The Gallery, namely: 


- Thinkin' Greaser from Tuareg: This piece of art was created by the industry renowned artist Robness! One of the very first NFT artists in the world, Robness has sold over 300 artworks worldwide and is credited to being one of the pioneers who kickstarted the NFT craze!


- Celebration: a colorful vibrant piece of art created by Kavimaz as part of the “Abstract Series”. This piece communicates positive thoughts and spreads soothing vibes to the minds of all who see it!


- C Y A N O T Y P E: a poem personified in a piece of art. The artist Danil Pan, wanted to create a piece that would transport its viewers to his idea of a happy place. This piece of art tends to be tailored to the artist’s fantasies, wishes and desires. 


- Digital Nature: this art piece, curated by TheDArtCo, illustrates the mesmerizing beauty of a raging waterfall in a pristine mountain, only to turn out to be a digital illusion. 

- Guardian: the name of this art piece represents exactly what it is. “Guardian” is an ancient protector from “The Heavens” created by SurrealSerpentine, the Visual Wizard.


- Privacy: Kibo created this artwork to illustrate the concept of compromised privacy. According to the artist, privacy nowadays is compromised as we live in a world where what should be private becomes public. 


Fans of The Kollector who happen to be $NIF token holders will soon be able to “back” his collection by staking into his Exhibition and begin earning $UNT. Further showcasing our commitment to reshaping how collectors can monetize their collections! 

If you would like to know more about The Kollector’s background history, collection or upcoming projects and events, make sure to check out his  website along with his Twitter channels of communication:


-Official Website:

-Twitter Channel: @kollector_token

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