Introducing Danil Pan: A Digital Art Visionary and NFT Advocate Coming to Unifty Gallery!

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November 11, 2021
November 2, 2021
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Introducing Danil Pan: A Digital Art Visionary and NFT Advocate Coming to Unifty Gallery!

We are pleased to announce that renowned digital artist and beloved member of the NFT community Danil Pan will be a Unifty Gallery Exhibitor!

An extremely talented 2D Abstract Skyscape artist, Danil has built a stellar reputation for creating vivid digital artworks focused on color, poetry, and beauty.

Danil is also an avid NFT collector, and the Co-Founder of The Art Gallery Auction House (AGAH), a Telegram group which brings creators and enthusiasts together and supports and fosters emerging artists.

Some of Danil’s visually striking works include SOLACE//, RADIANCE//, and PRISMA-ABSTRACTA//. However, the true abundance of Danil’s ability to meld and mesh textures is illustrated by his SKIES// collection of 8000 skies, with each piece uniquely elegant in its own way.  

The collection in many ways makes the perfect complementary background to many of our favorite avatars and profile pictures and breathes new life into digital expression.

In addition to creating digital art, Danil is a devoted community builder and NFT advocate. The 2,700 member AGAH group functions as a live auction house allowing emerging artists, and art/crypto enthusiasts to share value in an organic way.

A self taught artist with a keen passion for self improvement and surpassing limitations, Danil is an ideal choice for an Exhibitor on Unifty Gallery. The Gallery does away with the need for entrenched middlemen and removes significant barriers to entry for emerging artists such as the high costs of running exhibitions, and creating awareness.

By combining the power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with NFTs, artists can now connect with their fans directly while both parties take advantage of new opportunities including the ability to earn yield from participating in Exhibitions.

As both art owners and fans earn yield from the Exhibitions, everyone can generate revenue from their passion for art, and get paid for doing what they love.

With an impressive body of work behind him, a growing digital art community, and an ever increasing NFT collection we are looking forward to welcoming Danil into the Unifty.Gallery as a pioneering Exhibitor.

Check out Danil’s Twitter and the AGAH’s Instagram profile and Telegram group.

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