Introducing — Multichain Platform for NFT Artists and Projects

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November 11, 2021
August 3, 2021
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Introducing — Multichain Platform for NFT Artists and Projects

It has been predicted that 2021 will be the year of NFTs. Those predictions are already coming to fruition January — Rarible and Opensea report record sales. New projects like Flow Chain are facilitating high-demand NFTs such as NBA Top Shot.

But what about individual artists and promising new NFT projects? Read how Unifty is attempting to help.

If we look at the actual rankings at OpenSea and examine the average sales on the highest grossing NFT market Rarible, we clearly see an obstacle for new and established artists: the 0.002 ETH average price for an NFT (at the time of writing) makes it difficult to earn a reasonable amount of money.

Additionally, the high gas costs and large investors entering the market with large amounts of capital and development-manpower make the situation for smaller artists worse yet.

Artists and NFT projects need to ramp up their game

To ensure artists that can compete in the already burgeoning NFT-space, there needs to be a platform where they can quickly and affordably set up their collections, sell their art and grow their audience.

Tools and technologies must be available now — while new features are consistently released to outpace competing platforms — all at a fraction of the usual development costs and without need of coding knowledge.

Additionally, a system is needed that will allow new or lesser-known artists to gain a foothold in the exploding NFT space by providing innovative and unique ways of promoting their art which cannot be found on other platforms.

This is the cornerstone of the Unifty project: support artists and NFT projects by leading the way instead of trying to keep up with other platforms. was founded on these principles and has determined that the key components NFT artists need for success are:

  • Tools (e.g. collection management, wallets)
  • Ecosystem (e.g. marketplace, farms)
  • Inexpensive transaction (gas) fees
  • Readily available consultation with project staff
  • Accessible Support
  • Project-Artist Partnerships

Unifty provides all of the above mentioned components and is already being used by numerous artists and projects.

Additionally, the Unifty roadmap is dynamic. As you will read below, the roadmap has been — and will continue to be — extended and updated based on artist demand.


The Unifty Collection Manager enables you to create and administer your own ERC1155 collections. Unlike other platforms, contracts on Unifty are entirely owned by the artist. Unifty does not control the contracts, but does provide an easy-to-use system access to them.

Within collections you will mint and update the actual NFTs.

The Unifty Wallet is a web-wallet that you can use to view, transfer — and soon sell from — your NFTs. The Unifty Wallet is an alternative to wallet apps that exist for mobile phones that don’t support chains other than Ethereum Mainnet.

Currently Unifty supports xDai, Matic, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum chains.

Many more tools will be released in the near future. For example, the Unifty copyright dapp is slated for release and will provide blockchain-backed copyright evidence for your art. In keeping with our founding principles, this is a feature unique to the Unifty platform.


The Unifty Farm Builder lets you create your own NFT farms. Your clients can stake any ERC20 token you define to redeem your NFT rewards. Redemption fees may be utilized as an additional source of income.

There are many examples where “tokenizing” an artist leads to more attention, exposure and sales. However, the complexity found on other platforms typically prevents an artist from creating their own tokens. The Unifty Farm Builder changes that, allowing the artist to easily utilize tokens.

Unifty has brokered a partnership with NULS and will support the NULS Initiative with a system that allows easy token creation, marketing, investors attention and decentralized exchange listings. Once again, the dynamic nature of development at Unifty has provided artists with another avenue to utilize.

The Unifty Marketplace is currently under development and will be released soon after the time of writing. The Marketplace supports simple NFT buying and selling for any ERC20 token and includes incentives for crypto investors to support it:

  • Referrals will get rewarded with 50% of the generated sale-fee for the referred buyer.

The Farm Builder and Marketplace are the key elements of the NFT ecosystem but additional features will continue to be released. As indicated on the dynamic roadmap, pre-sale auctions and an NFT swapping dapp are slated for release in early 2021.

The swapping dapp will use our token $NIF as it is supposed to value NFTs prior swapping.

Cheap gas prices

High gas prices on the Ethereum chain have been a substantial impediment for artists entering the NFT space. The exploding transaction (gas) fees for minting, buying and selling NFTs has interrupted entire ecosystems, leading to loss of both income and project momentum. It simply costs too much for an artist to place their art on the Ethereum chain and buyers are not willing to pay the exhorbitent transaction fees to complete a sale.

Unifty solves the problem of high transacion fees by supporting multiple EVM chains other than Ethereum. All of these alternative chains offer low-cost transaction fees and, just like the Ethereum chain, can be used with the popular Metamask wallet. Unifty currently supports the following chains:

All supported chains will provide the exact same set of Unifty features from Ethereum Mainnet (wallet, collections, farm building, marketplace).

We will be adding more chains as the demand arises. Native support for the NULS chain is being planned as we negotiate a strategic partnership with them. NULS provides many benefits for artists such as inexpensive and easy token creation, marketing, and DEX support. The Unifty Farm Builder will support the NULS chain.


With the rise in popularity of NFTs there is a new demographic in this crypto-space: artists. Unlike cryptocurrency traders, artists are typically not aware of the capabilities and advantages that the blockchain has to offer.

Conversely, not all cryptocurrency traders understand the “mechanics” of selling or appreciating digital art.

Unifty is able to support both established traders and new artists by helping them find the best solutions for their business models.


Support is provided in the Unifty Telegram Group by our support staff. We do not respond with standard replies but instead personally address each case in a timely manner. Our support philosophy is one of proactive and detailed responses, always trying to educate while addressing the customer’s problem.


As mentioned above we are already in a partnership with NULS for their POCM solution (Proof of Credit Mining). We are working towards a strategic partnership by supporting the NULS chains on Unifty natively. We see potential for NULS to provide specialized services in the NFT field that are currently hard to implement on EVM chains.

At the time of writing we are actively communicating with the Matic project to explore ideas that will benefit both Matic and Unifty artists. A separate article will detail this development.

Despite the named partnerships above, we want to make clear that we see every artist and NFT project using Unifty services as a partner. We know that the success of Unifty depends on the support of our artists.

Thank you for reading!

Special thanks go to the following projects and people that supported us so far:

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