Meta Mordernism Architecture: Metaverse architectural movement

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December 7, 2021
December 7, 2021
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Meta Mordernism Architecture: Metaverse architectural movement

We’ve been quiet for more than a minute, going through the final checks of The Gallery before launch. However, we are back and we’ll be releasing three daily articles introducing our last exhibitions, starting with Meta Mordernism Architecture!

Meta Modernism Architecture is an architectural movement and architectural style in various kinds of Metaverses, based upon new and innovative digital technologies of architecture design.

To describe Meta Mordernism Architecture, is to describe an architectural movement. A movement that focuses on spreading their unique expressions across multiple metaverses, with particularly interesting collaborations with Decentraland such as hosting an event for PolkaWorld.

The masterminds behind the Meta Modernism Architecture movement are Charlie Sun and Yen. Charlie Sun is the founder of Meta Live Studio, a designer and developer with 10 years of architectural experience. Yen is a metaverse architect who entered this burgeoning field in 2019 and has designed virtual galleries for notable creators and collectors such as ArtGee, Hackatao and The Shanghai Gallery.

Following that exciting introduction, we are excited to introduce the pieces that will be exhibited by the Meta Mordernism Architecture team within The Gallery:

- Meta City: With an ever increasing number of users, events and buildings, the team believes in the future of Decentraland. As professional architects and urban designers we have built a prototype for the metaverse city of the future!

- Metarchitect Studio: The metaverse architecture studio uses the concept of Genesis voxel, a floating digital box that keeps creating new architectures. It is a manifesto of Metarchitects, it is a representation of Metaverse spirits, it is also a gallery of metaverse architecture language, where you can explore the possible architecture forms in the Metaverse.

- Vault Hill Office: A Metaverse within a Metaverse. Think of the Vault Hill Office as the experience center in the Decentraland metaverse. This creation focuses on integrating real-life design and utility by bringing traditional architectural design into the metaverse. It has three distinct floors with the first floor being a public atrium, the second being a private space and the rooftop providing a great viewing experience of the outside environment.

- Shanghai Gallery: The gallery of Yin Cao the founder of Digital Renaissance Foundation, one of our esteemed investors and partners. The Shanghai Gallery is the place to promote the belief of the innate goodness of merging art and technology in the modern age.

- Floating Monument: A floating realism monument, a stone voxel from a distance. It’s thick exterior and recessed windows are reminiscent of medieval city walls, but the floating posture can be deceiving.

- Cyberpunk Factory: A factory with a punk facade and pixel core, aiming to reveal the combination of blockchain and metaverse spirits, placing No.10 in the Aatheria Builder Contest.

Fans of the Meta Modernism Architecture team who happen to be $NIF token holders will soon be able to “back” their collection by staking into their Exhibition and begin earning $UNT. Further showcasing our commitment to reshaping how creators can monetize their creations!

If you would like to know more about the team’s background, history, current and future works or events, make sure to check them out at the following communication channels:

- Official Website:

- Official Twitter:

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