Rarity Garden: Transforming Unifty.io

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November 12, 2021
December 12, 2021
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Rarity Garden: Transforming Unifty.io

As Unifty is growing and expanding it’s scope to fully support the NFT space, we are met with challenges, which often transform our core. Our upcoming Gallery product was one such challange that will transform Unifty beyond a simple protocol to a novel concept in the NFT space.

The next challange we are facing is combining our existing product line that the community uses extensively, with the new Gallery product. As such we decided to structure things differently and focus on the core proposition of each product separately.

We are excited to announce that we will be splitting the tooling part that was under Unifty.io and integrate it into rarity.garden, a fully fledged partner of Unifty for further tools development. The new project will continue to be supported by the Unifty team, will retain also the same branding that Unifty had originally for the tooling project, but newer structures and communication avenues will be created.

The rarity garden project will act as an extension into our product offering, creating the necessary infrastructure for a seamless user experience with the Unifty products. We will be continuing to support, through rarity.garden, the NFT farms, decentralized custom marketplaces etc, with the same functionalities as the community is used to, but under the new brand. As for our great partners, that are using the white-labeling solution for their NFT marketplaces, we planned a seamless transition where only a simple short update is required and everything will be up and running just as before.  

A new chapter begins into the Unifty’s journey with the upcoming release of the Gallery product and we want to offer our full dedication there. Thus we are excited to see how the future of the rarity.garden project will shape, especially as the NFT space is driving deeper into the interoperable metaverse.

To stay connected with the rarity.garden developments please head out to their channels:

- Discord
- Twitter
- Website

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