TAG Comics AMA! - Unifty's First Gallery Exhibitor

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November 11, 2021
November 5, 2021
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TAG Comics AMA! - Unifty's First Gallery Exhibitor

Greetings everyone!
Today we have Morakinyo, CEO, Laitan, COO, and Team Member Moh of the 1st EverUnifty Gallery Exhibitor TAG Comics joining us to answer our questions for thenext hour.

TAG Comics has emerged as one of the most exciting comicbook and graphic novel publishing companies in Nigeria, and is now the mostpopular comic book company in Africa with over 500 newly developed characters.We catch TAG Comics as they embrace both international and technologicalexpansion and continue to grow at an impressive pace.

TAG Comics: Hello All, It's great to be here and toget to know the Unifty Community.

Unifty: Great to have you here! Welcome TAG to UniftyCommunity... Let’s begin!

Unifty: Can you tell us about the origin andinspiration for TAG Comics, and where the name comes from?

TAG Comics: TAG stands for The African Globe. Thename was actually inspired by newspaper cartoons, and my first plan was tolaunch comics in a newspaper format called The Globe, but then I pivoted todigital and print/hardcovers. Hmm, inspiration…where did the inspiration comefrom. I love manga, I grew up reading manga and I’m inspired by manga. My dreamis to have such an industry thriving on the African continent in the next 5years.

Question: If you could collab with your favoritecomic artist, who would it be?

TAG Comics: My number one would be Masashi Kishimoto!If I could go back in time, definitely Jack Kirby!

Question: I would like to ask, what has attracted youto the blockchain and NFTs?

TAG Comics: Blockchain and NFTs are the future! Ibelieve we have barely scratched the surface of its immense potential.

The attraction to blockchain and NFTs is the simplicity andflexibility of reaching your audience. The ability to create something that theaudience and fans can own forever, it's effectively a non-perishable commodity.If we think about the nostalgia of reading and collecting newspaper formatcomics, as Mo mentioned earlier, most of us can't find our favorite ones thatwe grew up owning.

Question: How far can digital media go in youropinion and what is next for print media?

TAG Comics: Print media has its limitations andbenefits. I believe print media will be limited to certain types of art in thefuture. We are in a digital world now and the benefits of digital release isimmense. Combining digital art with blockchain is mind-blowing.

Question: Your Tagcomics NFT was created due to therise of NFTs trend? So what will happen if the market changes radically toanother trend than NFTs, will you adapt or will Tagcomics keep developingeverything related to NFTs? what do you see from NTF 5 years from now?

TAG Comics: We believe everything evolves, and wedon't see NFTs as a form of digital art dying out, but we do believe they willevolve for sure. Our view is that NFTs will evolve to be much more interactiveand as AI algos comes more and more into the broader NFT world, we expect tosee NFTs that themselves can change, mutate, grow and interact with thecommunity.
We believe NFT art is still in its nascent stage. 5 years from now, at least80% of art (from comics to music to movies) will be NFT.

Question: What was the first comic/ storyline createdand why?

TAG Comics: The first storyline I created was Legendof Yasuke! I wrote the first synopsis back in 2017, and I created the first artin 2017/2018. Yasuke’s art is the first art/story created by the company.Hopefully you guys get to see the first art soon!

Question: How soon? :)

TAG Comics: Hahah very soon! You would see it firston Unifty.

Question: So you are naruto fans, what do youropinion about boruto?

TAG Comics: Boruto? Are you trying to start a warbetween me and the Boruto fans?

Question: Have you guys thought about new models ofbeing comic publishers like https://www.encode.graphics/ is doing?

TAG Comics: Good question, and yes, this isdefinitely in our pipeline. I was alluding to this when I mentioned about beingable own the art / comics forever

Question: What are the real difficulties you faced onthe path of becoming NFT Artist, did you overcome all the obstacles and doesTagcomics community support you, which is very important?

TAG Comics: Our community love and support the idea!We have gotten messages from artists/members enquiring about how to getinvolved.

Infrastructure in the general sense is always a challengei.e. market access, broadly democratized financial Infrastructure, so we thepeople are highly resourceful. The introduction of blockchain is viewed as anopportunity and has been readily adopted. Nigeria has one of the largest cryptotrading volumes in the world (top 5).

The population in Nigeria and in Africa is relatively young,as a result most adopt new trends and technology for the best. So support formost of our offerings tend to be positive.

Question: I really like the TAG comics style, haveyou ever thought about making dynamic pieces through evolving NFTs? Maybe evena 2D NFT game Street Fighter style?

TAG Comics: Oh yes! We are already in the conceptstage of a game! Our team and I had an extensive discussion about this about6/8 weeks ago

Question: You are originally based in Nigeria whichhas a very young population. How big can blockchain based companies be in thecountry?

TAG Comics: Well, Nigeria is ranked within the top 10countries in the world with crypto adoption

The population in Nigeria and in Africa is relatively young,as a result most adopt new trends and technology for the best. So support formost of our offerings tend to be positive

Question: Investors seem to only care about the priceinstead of the real value of the project, how does Tagcomics team attractnewcomers and keep members?

TAG Comics: We would be bringing our communitytogether for the first time at the TAG CONVENTION this year (Dec 28 &29th). NFT would be a main focus at the convention and I believe this would bea great way to show our community the true value of NFT art.  We plan to release 3 new comics in NFT formatnext year and one of our comics will have an NFT special every month.

Question: Will this convention be online?

TAG Comics: It will be live (Lagos, Nigeria) andonline.

Question: Hi, it's pleasure to meet some comicartists here in Unifty community. I'm here more as an investor than comics fan tbh.I would like to hear a little bit about your future plans. From your point ofview, what makes your project attractive to NFT investors?

TAG Comics: The value in TAG Comics NFTs will notonly be in the artwork, but also in the depths of the story behind the work andcharacters. Behind every piece of art there is a deep backstory / origin storythat you will find in past, present and future comics. With many of them therealso deep historical, cultural or mythological back stories. This adds not onlyvisual value, but content. We will also be looking at comic books in NFTformat, whilst also incentivizing ownership in future (through access / rewardbenefits that can be derived from ownership)

Question: You made me curious with the last bit, howwill you incentivize ownership in the future? Can you give us someinsights/sneak peaks?

TAG Comics: Those are still in discussion, butairdrops can be amongst, free or priority access to events are also aconsideration etc... watch the space

Question: How do you think about the Asian market?Does your team have any plan to approach ASEAN which the potential market incrypto, there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money fromcrypto suck as NFT?

TAG Comics: Our work is meant for the whole world toenjoy.

Question: What kind of message you want to send toyour fans all over the world through comics/ storyline?

TAG Comics: The value of family, camaraderie, theimportance of hardwork, loyalty, honesty.

Question: What are the future plans for you guys?

TAG Comics: More Comics, animation and Games.

Unifty: We are very excited to have TAG Comics debutas the FIRST Exhibitors on the Unifty Gallery. What is it about the Gallerythat appeals to you?

TAG Comics: I love the first concept art we createdfor Yasuke. It’s special to me because it made me believe it was possible tocreate a comic book company. We are also very excited to debut our Exhibitionon the Unifty Gallery. The Gallery concept at Unifty is a uniquely original onefor a number of reasons:

1. It gives us the opportunity to compensate our fanbase forall the loyalty and support that they give to us

2. It enables us to showcase our work to a broader audience

3. It's a cool and fun way to enjoy the art

…and more.

Unifty: Ok, let’s wrap it up! Thank you for takingthe time out of your day shedding more light on TAG Comics and answering ourcommunity’s questions. Your patience and transparency are highly appreciated.Looking forward to your Exhibition seeing you fully implement your vision.

Don’t forget to follow TAG Comics and keep up with themhere:




Thanks again Morakinyo, Laitan, and Moh... we're all lookingforward to the TAG Comics Exhibition on the Unifty Gallery!

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