Unveiling Okytomo: An Enigmatic Visual Artist Launching on Unifty Gallery

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November 11, 2021
November 2, 2021
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Unveiling Okytomo: An Enigmatic Visual Artist Launching on Unifty Gallery

We are excited to announce that the transcendent artist Okytomo will showcase an exclusive collection via his Exhibition soon to be launched at the Unifty Gallery!

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Okytomo is adept at crafting futuristic imagery that taps into and stimulates human consciousness with regards to both the physical world and the other worldly.

Okytomo’s work is inspired by surreal and sci-fi imagery, crafting his art to take the viewer on a journey across a new virtual landscape, a novel reality where anything and everything is within reach of the mind, whether that is on Planet Earth or across the cosmos. 

Pieces such as “Edge of Dawn” and “Arrival” in particular, strike a chord with fans of science fiction and harness the purist interpretation of the genre. 

Okytomo's work juxtaposes and somewhat reveals his background in photography, filmmaking and digital media, while his work spans a diverse selection from stunning stills to profound moving images. The emotive pieces act as a gateway to a novel form of reality with few, if any limitations. Enigmatic in nature, he is redefining boundaries with regards to futuristic expressions and is on the cusp of connecting with a global body of similarly minded enthusiasts.

Taking all of the above into account, we are extremely excited to work with Okytomo as one of our first Exhibition owners to celebrate the launch of The Gallery. The Gallery will provide fans of Okytomo the chance to publicly support his work and share in the success of his Exhibition by staking their $NIF to earn an income in $UNT. Okytomo will be able to introduce his works to a brand new audience on terms that benefit both him and his supporters, becoming a way for him to earn for displaying his work and also interact with his fans.

We at Unifty are honoured to have Okytomo on board! 

Make sure to check out Okytomo’s Twitter and Instagram page!

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